CHILLIWACK – The provincial government is redirecting $603,535 in administrative savings back to School District 33 to help it deal with local cost pressures and provide front line services for students.

The school district can use this funding as it sees fit – such as ongoing classroom programs, hiring new teachers, or for busing.

“We’ve made the commitment to ensuring students are receiving the maximum amount of B.C.’s education funding,” Chilliwack MLA John Martin said. “Chilliwack School District has diligently reduced administrative costs and these savings can benefit students directly.”

Districts made real efforts to reduce spending on their administration costs – and those efforts have made it possible to help flow those resources into classrooms and services for students. The amount of money being left with districts is equal to the Year 2 of Administrative savings districts were asked to find.

“These savings can really benefit students as they can be used for classroom and front-line instruction,” Chilliwack-Hope MLA Laurie Throness said.

School districts, including Chilliwack School District 33, have been informed that they will not have to pay their share of $25 million worth of provincial charges this year, and instead can redirect that money into front-line services for students.